Concrete Queers – co-editor, all issues, 2014-present

By queer people, for queer people, this Melbourne-based indie publication was dreamed up in a comics bar in Prague in 2014. Since then, this award-winning zine has gone on to publish fifteen print and digital issues containing over fifty queer artists, has sold out its original print run, and is stocked as far abroad as Edinburgh and Berlin.

The Safety House Guide – co-editor, all issues, 2018-2019

The first publication of its kind, The Safety House Guide provided audiences at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival with comprehensive information to make informed decisions based on their physical, mental, and emotional capacities.

Wordly – co-editor, 2014-2016

Little Raven Press – proofreader, “Little Raven III”

The Queen Elizabeth Centre – editor-in-chief, 2008-2020

Personal Clients

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